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Cross-Border Shipping

Need a load shipped from California to Toronto or Montreal? At Hilton Transportation we have a fleet of trucks that cross the border multiple times per day. Our customs and border specialists work 24/7 to provide our customers a smooth transition between US & Canadian borders.

Industries that benefit from cross-border shipping

With markets continuously changing, leverage the competitive advantage of suppliers from the other side of the border to immediately impact your bottom line.

From aerospace to fashion and everything between, we provide our customer with cross-border services that cannot be matched.

What you need to know about cross-border shipping

Frequently asked Questions

Who takes care care of customs clearance?

Customs brokers handles the clearance of your shipment.

Whose responsibility is it to clear the goods?

The customer is responsible to have the goods cleared prior to arriving at customs.

What happens if my goods are inspected at the border?

Custom officers will follow the inspection process as per US and Canadian laws.

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