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Expedite Team Services

Sometimes the delivery of freight requires the shortest transit time possible. For times likes these Hilton Transportation offers Expedited Team Service to ensure your goods arrive ASAP to minimize down time or production line shutdown.

Industries that benefit from Expedite Team Services

Whether it be the Marketing industry, the trade show industry or any other industry, customers benefit greatly from guaranteed expedited service when freight is needed to meet time sensitive deadlines.

Customers enjoy our Expedited Team Service which gives peace of mind that their shipment will meet tight deadlines. GPS tracking will also ensure proper follow up on the goods from start to finish!

What you need to know about Expedite team services

Frequently asked Questions

What is Team Service?

Team Service means there are 2 drivers dedicated to the load, so the truck can roll constantly.

Is team service Guaranteed?

Yes, of course excluding any acts of god or any unforeseen events out of our control.

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